about sfttnon-partisan, apolitical 501 (c) foundation

Stand for the Troops (SFTT) is a 501(c)3 Educational Foundation established by the late Col. David H. Hackworth and his wife, Eilhys England, in 1997 to demand and insure that our frontline troops receive the best available leadership, training and equipment to help them complete their missions, survive the rigors of war, and return home alive and well enough to reclaim their lives.

SFTT has a long impressive track record of standing up for the troops with non-partisan, apolitical, truth-telling investigative journalism on life and death issues that affect our nation’s warriors.

More recently, alarmed by the unprecedented number of casualties from PTS and TBI among active duty personnel and Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, SFTT has responded with its LifeLines Initiative, including a “Rescue Coalition” of organizations SFTT has selected to support more closely.

With 35% Veterans suffering from PTS and an average of 23 active duty personnel and Vet suicides every day, SFTT’s Rescue Coalition offers effective and replicable treatment to high-risk warriors who have not responded to the limited conventional therapies presently available.

Because there is no “silver bullet” for treating PTS or TBI, SFTT is deploying a volunteer Medical Task Force to provide frank and independent assessment of effective PTS and TBI treatment programs and help enlisted personnel, Vets and their families select and connect with the most promising treatments for their situation.

In short, SFTT promotes promising new treatment methodologies, provides financial support and otherwise nurtures Rescue Coalition programs so as to offer the best promise to help our troubled and lost warriors recover their lives.

Our Mission

STAND FOR THE TROOPS supports our frontline troops with more than lip service: Just as they protect us and our way of life, SFTT protects their physical and emotional well-being by helping them both survive the rigors of war and reclaim their lives with our proven and impactful Rescue Coalition Programs.


Leaders of SFTT’s PTS Initiative, SFTT’s eminent Medical Gatekeeper and Medical Task Force evaluate existing treatment options and promising new ones. We are continually on the lookout for private or community-based programs that can provide replicable and successful treatment outcomes


SFTT is also applying its expertise and reputation for integrity and truth-telling to fulfill the crying need for an integrated, interactive ‘Go-To’ Resource and clearinghouse for relevant treatment alternatives.


SFTT intervenes in high-risk situations to help deeply troubled Vets, throwing them a LifeLine from the most appropriate conventional or alternate life-saving treatment, from the Rescue Coalition or otherwise.