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Military News Highlights: December 7, 2010

War’s Progress Measured By Commanders In Afghanistan Two points of interest in this interview with Major General John Campbell, Commander of the 101st Airborne Division and Regional Command East – Afghanistan: [The interview is timed at 7 minutes, 48 seconds; the points of interest are at 5:38 and 6:15 respectively] 5:35 of 7:48  “Cricket?” “Roger […]

Weapon Jamming Reported in Afghanistan

SFTT has had a single report from a credible source that a unit in Afghanistan has problems — jamming — with their government issued magazines for their 5.56mm weapons.    These single-spring magazines are jamming in Afghanistan firefights and some believe these government-issued magazines are inferior to the double-spring magazines currently available  commercially. These problems appear to be […]

Flaws in M2 and M4 Expose Troops in Afghanistan

Article first published as Deficient Guns Expose Troops in Afghanistan on Technorati. On the heels of the General Accountability Office (“GAO”) report of the improper testing of body armor supplied to U.S. troops and the recall of 44,000 defective military helmets manufactured by Federal Prison Industries, comes equally discouraging news of serious deficiencies in the […]

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