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Duty: The Leadership Question

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ revelations in Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, has served as cannon-fodder for what passes for intelligent political debate in our country. While I am just now getting into the book, it appears to be a most articulate and considered analysis of how people in leadership make decisions affecting […]

Over-Medicated Veterans: Military Abuse and Public Tolerance

Thomas Catan’s article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “For Veterans with PTSD, A New Demon: Their Meds” is not news. The over-use of drugs as routine part of battlefield medicine has been noted since the first days of our military deployments to Iraq in the spring of 2003. Over-reliance on the miracles of modern […]

F.D.A. on Prescription Drugs

People complain that the F.D.A. takes far too long in approving “new” drugs, but they seem to be equally obtuse in pointing out the dangers of using drugs they have already approved.  According to a new article appearing in the New York Times, the F.D.A seeks tighter control on prescriptions for class of painkillers.   […]

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