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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) by Grady Birdsong

Grady Birdsong, a USMC Veteran from Vietnam, has co-authored a book with Col. Robert Fisher (USMC – Ret) that deals with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (“HBOT”) entitled “The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road:  Healing the Signature Wounds of War.” The book is a 2016 Best Book Awards finalist and details how HBOT helps reverse the […]

SFTT News: Highlights for Week Ending June 14, 2017

Found below are a few military news items that caught my attention this past week. I am hopeful that the titles and short commentary will encourage SFTT readers to click on the embedded links to read more on subjects that may be of interest to them. If you have subjects of topical interest, please do […]

Veterans with PTSD Knew that VA Opioid Prescriptions Were Wrong

After many lives of many brave Veterans with PTSD have been lost, the State of Ohio has finally taken action against pharmaceutical drug companies for hyping opioids. According to the New York Times reporter,  RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA,  The State of Ohio filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the pharmaceutical industry over the opioid epidemic, accusing several […]