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Identify, Inform and Intervene

In the caring tradition of Col. Hackworth for the “grunts in the field,” and “no soldier left behind,” we invite you to join Hack’s Pack and help us Stand For The Troops with a contribution of any size. Your donation will help us expand and sustain SFTT’s capacity to connect Veterans and returning troops with best available treatment for the “invisible” battle wounds of PTS and TBI.

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Investigate and Invest

If you would like to make a sizable impact, we invite you to partner with SFTT to seed and support important new research and alternative treatment protocols — from cutting edge academic and medical to low tech hands-on therapies — each with the potential to save and improve the lives of America’s veterans and returning troops.

While there are many other useful ways to support our Veterans, SFTT is committed to becoming a “go-to” resource to treat PTS and TBI. In addition, SFTT promotes promising new treatment methodologies, provides financial support and otherwise nurtures treatment programs that offer the best promise to help Veterans recover their lives.

Through its lean organization infrastructure and broad network of military and civilian volunteer experts, SFTT is able to leverage its unique networking capabilities to achieve results that can often make a difference between choosing life or death.

SFTT also operates as a clearing-house to help channel financial resources from third-parties into effective treatment programs and promising new technologies that we’ve vetted and watched over.

To do so, SFTT has established two funds to accomplish that end:

Please note that while 100% of your contribution to SFTT is tax deductible, 20% of your contribution will be used to cover operating and administration expenses so that SFTT can continue to Stand For The Troops with more than lip service.

For more information, please consult the terms and conditions of financial contributions described in SFTT’s Financial Overview (coming soon).


Leaders of SFTT’s PTS Initiative, SFTT’s eminent Medical Gatekeeper and Medical Task Force evaluate existing treatment options and promising new ones. We are continually on the lookout for private or community-based programs that can provide replicable and successful treatment outcomes


SFTT is also applying its expertise and reputation for integrity and truth-telling to fulfill the crying need for an integrated, interactive ‘Go-To’ Resource and clearinghouse for relevant treatment alternatives.


SFTT intervenes in high-risk situations to help deeply troubled Vets, throwing them a LifeLine from the most appropriate conventional or alternate life-saving treatment, from the Rescue Coalition or otherwise.

“How we treat our Veterans defines our national character.”
Maj. Gen. John Batiste, SFTT Board President

Please note that 20% of all contributions to these Funding Vehicles will be used to cover the operating and administration expenses of SFTT who identifies and monitors medical and treatment programs. For more information, please consult the terms and conditions of financial contributions described in SFTT's Financial Overview.