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There is no single “silver bullet” for treating Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

SFTT is committed to supporting and expanding a diverse RESCUE COALITION — extending replicable LifeLines to our warriors who have suffered the horrors of combat only to battle life-destroying PTS and TBI in their tough transition back to civilian life. We are not only nurturing and promoting the SFTT RESCUE COALITION’s effective, cost-effective synergistic programs, we are building a “Go To” Rescue Resource and tapping some of the best minds in the fields of medicine, psychology and the military as we:

INVESTIGATE — SFTT has convened a task force of national and local medical and psychiatric experts.

We seek out and collaborate with public and private organizations, independent physicians, Veterans and caregivers, to separate the hype from the hopeful in determining which conventional and alternative treatment methods offer the most promising and lasting positive outcomes.

INFORM — The goal is to report in depth on SFTT’s RESCUE COALITION and to maintain a Rescue Resource information exchange for Veterans and their families to more easily access healing havens and rescue remedies and encourage acceptance and adoption within the medical, Veteran and military communities.

INTERVENE — SFTT facilitates access to best established and alternate treatment protocols for our country’s most vulnerable and desperate Vets.

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Well intentioned groups have sprung up in almost every community to support local Veterans. The quality and extent of services provided can vary significantly. SFTT is working to provide an independent assessment of programs brought to its attention by Veterans and Community Resource Center organizers.

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If you are a Veteran and are having difficulty finding a civilian job, visit one of the websites featured in our Job Resource Center. Find meaningful job opportunities in your community or seek out FREE professional help preparing your resume to attract employers looking for Veterans.

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Contact SFTT and we will place you in telephone contact with volunteer medical and psychiatric counselors that have been vetted by SFTT's Medical Task force.

All information exchanged is confidential.