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EquiCenter, Rochester, NY

Nature of Program: EquiCenter’s goal is to foster the personal growth and individual achievement of people with disabilities, at-risk youth, Veterans, and their families using a wide range of therapeutic programs.

Type of Program: Therapeutic Horseback Riding Facility, Horticultural Therapy and Canine Assisted Therapy

Lesson Frequency: EquiCenter currently offers Therapeutic Equestrian training once a week for a training period of between one hour and an hour and a half.

Number of Veterans Receiving Services: Currently, EquiCenter has ten Veterans currently receiving therapeutic services.

Latest News: Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Mendon, N.Y., the premier-accredited EquiCenter at the William & Mildred Levine Ranch is a 501(c)(3), a two hundred acre non-profit facility that offers a wide range of therapeutic programs for Veterans, people with disabilities and at-risk youth.

Financial Considerations: EquiCenter does not charge Veterans or their families for therapeutic programs or services.

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