Logistics in Afghanistan Taxes US Troops

 In yet another CLOSE HOLD story entitled “‘King for a Day’ Kit-Wise,”  a veteran military writer describes some of the major military logistics problems faced by “grunts” in the killing fields of Afghanistan.    With Afghanistan’s inhospitable terrain and stretched supply lines, our troops are expected to carry increasingly heavy loads because they have no certainty that they can be supported in a timely manner.  Found below is an excerpt of “‘King for Day’ Kit-Wise.”

“From 2005 until this ...

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Supplying US Military Forces in Afghanistan

Supplying US military forces in Afghanistan has become a logistical nightmare.  Sources from the field suggest that US combat troops are “asked” to carry increasing loads since resupply opportunities are limited.  Found below is an excerpt from CLOSE HOLD which accurately describes the dilemma and increasing kit loads of US forces in Afghanistan:  “‘King for a Day’ Kit-Wise”

“From 2005 until this past spring US forces have had a short stock of gear that could be tailored to ...

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“‘King for a Day’ Kit-Wise”

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the Pashtun tribal code in Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan is inhospitable to outsiders to the point of hostility. The history of the valley is marked with violent encounters and campaigns where these isolated tribes defeated their unprepared foes time and time again. In fact, US forces recently ceded ground and treasure by abandoning the valley after five years of futile fighting where they learned the painful lessons of the limits of power and lack ...

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