Are ceramic plates safe in US body armor?

SFTT reads with great interest that the US Army has awarded Ceradyne an order worth about $10 million for later in Q2, with completion estimated to be by Q3.

While one would not normally question our miliary leadership in making sure our troops have the very best protective gear, we still are seeking resolution to SFTT’s request for information on the reliability of ceramic plates used for body armor that was filed 18 months ago under the Freedom of Information Act;

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Military News Highlights: December 10, 2010

Report: Growing mental health problems in military

Never knew that the Department of Defense publishes a Medical Surveillance report , but even without the findings everyone knows that mental health problems are the number one health issue facing our troops.  That’s a no-brainer. The November report highlighted in this story by CNN points out the fact that mental health issues send male troops to the hospital than any other cause, and are the second highest for hospitalization amongst women ...

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Growing steroid problem in the US Army

New evidence emerges that the Army is facing a growing steroid use problem

Well the cat is out of the bag.  What has been known for a long time in the ranks is finally being made public.  Troops have been using steroids to “get stronger” and prepare themselves for the toils of combat.  But we shouldn’t be surprised since steroids are ridiculously easy to obtain, and as we are learning, have proven difficult for leaders to monitor their use due to ...

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USMC passes on Army upgrades to M4

The Marine Corps Times reports that the USMC has decided  to pass on the US Army upgrades to M4

Key Highlights:

  • As the Army moves to field more than 10,000 conversion kits designed to make the 5.56mm M4 deadlier and more reliable, the Marine Corps says it has no plans to update its inventory. Upgrades will integrate a heavier, more durable barrel, strengthened site rails, a piston-charged operating system and ...
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M2 “Ma Duce” gets overhaul

According to press releases, the U.S. Army has awarded General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products a  $35 million order  to manufacture M2A1 quick change barrel (“QCB”) conversion kits.  According to the news release,  “the QCB conversion kits feature several direct-replacement parts to modify existing M2 heavy barrel (M2HB) machine guns to the M2A1 configuration.  Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2011 and will continue through December 2012. “

“‘With the QCB conversion kits, the U.S. warfighter can change the machine ...

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Call to properly equip our frontline troops

Gen. Robert ScalesIn a fascinating article published on September 27th in the National Defense Magazine, retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales argues that  the Department of Defense (“DOD”) “has failed to pay adequate attention to improving the equipment and training for small infantry units” currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Gen. Scales, a former commandant of the Army War College and military historian, claims that while “we’re still the best ground force in the ...

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Logistics in Afghanistan Taxes US Troops

 In yet another CLOSE HOLD story entitled “‘King for a Day’ Kit-Wise,”  a veteran military writer describes some of the major military logistics problems faced by “grunts” in the killing fields of Afghanistan.    With Afghanistan’s inhospitable terrain and stretched supply lines, our troops are expected to carry increasingly heavy loads because they have no certainty that they can be supported in a timely manner.  Found below is an excerpt of “‘King for Day’ Kit-Wise.”

“From 2005 until this ...

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