Reflections on Veterans Day

Maj. Ben RichardsYears ago when I was a young Army lieutenant, my reconnaissance platoon was preparing to conduct a night-time helicopter insertion far behind enemy lines to seek out intelligence critical for a large-scale operation to be conducted 48 hours later. The operation was high risk. That night as I back-briefed my Troop commander over the hood of a Humvee  in the German woods, I expressed my concern about the ...

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Happy Veteran’s Day

After a particularly brutal and vitriolic election, Stand For the Troops wants to thank the brave men and women in uniform who serve – and have served – our country so selflessly and valiantly.

This morning, I was honored to attend a ceremony at my granddaughter’s school honoring Veterans and active duty personnel who have a family connection with a student at the school.   Frankly, I haven’t attended a Veteran ceremony in well over 40 years.

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Military News Highlights: November 11, 2010

Colonel (R) David Hackworth – November 11, 1931 – May 5, 2005

Happy Birthday Hack!

History of Veterans Day

Today we honor of all Veterans who put their lives on hold to serve their country – the sacrifices made on behalf of our freedoms are immeasurable.

Thank you for your service!

Is Obama wobbling on Afghanistan withdrawal timeline?

A slight kerfuffle erupted yesterday on the wires when McClatchy Newspapers reported that the Administration was getting wobbly on the plan to ...

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