Stryker Afghan War Crimes Probe

Months after allegations and the start of UCMJ proceedings, investigations have finally been started of Stryker Brigade officers and leaders of those Stryker soldiers suspected of committing war crimes in Afghanistan.  The focus of the probe is determine whether the leaders of the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division should have known sooner about the alleged crimes and illegal activity ongoing in the unit as well as the level and type of training the unit underwent prior to its ...

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Pentagon worried about Striker Brigade in Afghanistan

According to an article published by the Christian Science Monitor, the Pentagon had red flags about the command climate in ‘kill team’ Stryker brigade.

Key Highlights:

  • As the 5th Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, which Colonel Tunnell commanded for three years, was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan in June 2009, senior Army officials questioned Tunnell’s leadership focus with growing concern, and discussed the possibility of removing him from command.  Now, Tunnell’s tenure is raising fresh ...
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“Young Officer”

 A young officer I once served with recently changed command and is now attending the Army’s Intermediate Level Education course for field grade officers; when he graduates he’ll report to a new unit and redeploy. His tedious ride from the east coast to Kansas coincided with the sacking of McChrystal. Remember him? After the storm broke and his pension was paid, follow up analysis of the “crisis” revealed that the majority of attributable quotes and “off-the-record” background was provided by ...

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