Inspired by Vets in Her Life, Greenwich Woman Crusades to Help Soldiers Who Suffer From ‘Silent Trauma’

Published in the Greenwich Times For Memorial Day 2022 in Honor of All who Served and Sacrificed.

By Robert Marchant, Greenwich Times
May 28, 2022

GREENWICH — This Memorial Day, Eilhys England Hackworth will be thinking about the veterans in her life — her father, an Army surgeon who landed at Normandy in World War II, and her late husband, one of the most decorated Army officers in U.S. military history.
Her father, Dr. Gerald Haidak, rarely spoke of ...

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The Dynamic Duo

Almost 30 years ago, Colonel David “Hack” Hackworth, America’s most valor-decorated soldier, and journalist Roger Charles formed a lifelong friendship rooted in their individual Vietnam War experiences as well as their shared definition of what it means to serve one’s country, from a military veteran perspective.

Hack was a “maverick,” an officer who came up through the ranks, served in the military ...

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Remembering Hack By SFTT Staff

On the 15th anniversary of Colonel David ‘Hack’ Hackworth’s passing we share with you a few articles about the co-founder of STAND FOR THE TROOPS (SFTT).

Hack had that ‘thing’ that legends are made of.  He served his country in an unmatched style for which he was both loved and hated for.  Hack led by example and always from the front, he had tremendous respect for the grunts – those who shared the front line with him – but most of all he ...

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