Restored Corvettes Will Help Restore Combat Vets




Stand For The Troops, SFTT, will be the recipient of proceeds from The Lost Corvette Giveaway Sweepstakes which kicked off on Veterans Day 2020.

It cost $3 for a chance to win one of 26 restored classic Corvettes. The sweepstakes runs through March 2, 2021 and contributes to SFTT’S goal to establish a clinic for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) ...

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By Brian Delate

The following quote comes from The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides. I reflected on these words briefly for my friend Peter Meineck, PhD, professor of classics in the modern world at New York University. For SFTT I felt I had to expand it.

“Every man in the army was filled with tears and so disturbed that they found it hard to leave, even from enemy territory, where they had already experienced misery beyond tears, and considering what future pain ...

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Veterans and Fireworks – putting out a sign claiming your dog is afraid maybe more effective than explaining you’re a Veteran

I simply responded to a social media post. It was a meme complaining that there would be no fireworks this year on the 4th  and I commented that a lot of Veterans out there would be thankful. The response that followed surprised me: “I don’t know of any Veterans that would be disturbed by fireworks.” Over a week later, I’m still pondering this.

With all the ...

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PTSD Awareness: Not all wounds are visible

Injustice! Over the last month the perception of injustice has provoked wide-spread expressions of civil unrest in our society that, while not unprecedented, have startled us into a moment of collective self-reflection.

As we consider ways that we can improve access to the full potential that our unique American society can offer, it is also appropriate to reflect on the burdens many have already taken upon themselves to create and preserve the kind of society we are collectively striving for.

Although largely ...

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“Hey, Dad, were you in a war?”

By Brian Delate
Even the God of War is no match for love… –PLATO

It’s a late sunny afternoon, when I hear my daughter Tirsa, now in sixth grade, arrive home from school. She runs in, drops her school backpack with a thud and heads upstairs to where my home office is in Pennsylvania. She gives me a brief energetic hug and steps back. “Hey, Dad, were you in a war?” I turn and point to the pictures ...

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Find Some Nature, Turn Off the News, Paint a Picture & Other Suggestions That Can Relieve PTSD Symptoms During COVID-19

“Learning how to be kind to ourselves, learning how to respect ourselves, is important.  The reason it’s important is that, fundamentally, when we look into our own hearts and begin to discover what is confused and what is brilliant, what is bitter and what is sweet, it isn’t just ourselves that we’re discovering. We’re discovering the universe.” — Pema Chodron

During these uncertain Corona Times, the words of famed Buddhist Pema Chodron can be particularly comforting to those suffering from post-traumatic stress ...

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Remembering Hack By SFTT Staff

On the 15th anniversary of Colonel David ‘Hack’ Hackworth’s passing we share with you a few articles about the co-founder of STAND FOR THE TROOPS (SFTT).

Hack had that ‘thing’ that legends are made of.  He served his country in an unmatched style for which he was both loved and hated for.  Hack led by example and always from the front, he had tremendous respect for the grunts – those who shared the front line with him – but most of all he ...

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Stamford Veteran Struggles to Pay Medical Bills After Hit-and-Run

Brian Eirin a 28-year-old US Infantry Veteran and father of three is struggling to pay his medical bills after being involved in a hit-and-run accident on January 10th, 2020. He suffered a fractured neck, fractured skull and brain bleed when a car hit his motorcycle from behind, throwing him headfirst onto the asphalt and fled the scene. Thankfully, concerned bystanders stepped in and saved his life.

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