Surprise ~ Surprise

Trenton, New Jersey
It’s early morning as Carole and I sit quietly in her car at the Trenton train station. She’s my girlfriend for over a year now and I love her. We hold hands and kiss. “I’ll call you from Fort Bragg.” Carole drives away, and I step into the station. “Oh. . .” Don Hackett stands there, with his hands jammed in pockets. We know each other from high school, but not that well. “Induction?” “Yeah.” Don’s lanky, ...

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By Brian Delate

The following quote comes from The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides. I reflected on these words briefly for my friend Peter Meineck, PhD, professor of classics in the modern world at New York University. For SFTT I felt I had to expand it.

“Every man in the army was filled with tears and so disturbed that they found it hard to leave, even from enemy territory, where they had already experienced misery beyond tears, and considering what future pain ...

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