News Highlights – Week of March 6, 2016

Found below are few military news items that surfaced during the last week that caught my attention. I am hopeful that the titles and short commentary will encourage our readers to click on the embedded links to read more on subjects that interest them.

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Wounded Warrior Project (“WWP”) attracts attention of Doonesbury
It was only a matter of time before the scathing humor of Gary Trudeau captured the tragedy unfolding with Wounded Warrior Project which appears to place the financial interests of its administrators in front of the needs of Veterans.  Such a shame!   Read more . . .

Veterans with PTSD

Legislation would halt bad military discharges due to PTSD, TBI
Last week, a coalition of Republican and Democratic lawmakers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan introduced legislation to ensure that military discharge review boards must consider troops’ mental health issues, and must accept a PTSD or TBI diagnosis from a professional as an acceptable rebuttal to a dismissal.   Read more . . .

House approves bill to consider PTSD as circumstance when sentencing veterans
The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed a bill that will “expand current law to enable judges to consider a diagnosis of PTSD as a mitigating circumstance when sentencing veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD, prior to being charged with a crime”.  Would be nice to see this type of legislation in all states.  Read more . . .

Veterans with PTSD

Service dogs aid veterans with PTSD
The service dog is trained to wake Sergeant Petz from his nightmares. Bosko is the first service dog provided by the Paws Forces, a new program of the Maumee-based the Arms Forces that helps veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries get services.  Read more . . .

Veterans Aware: PTSD primer
I work for the Department of Veteran Affairs, Readjustment Counseling Service at the St. George Vet Center. I work with veterans who have been deployed in areas of active American combat operations, veterans who have traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, people diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and folks who have experienced any variety of service-connected traumatic experience that has left them disabled emotionally or physically.  Read more  . . .

Buprenorphine May Beat Opioids for Triad of Pain, PTSD, SUDs
In a retrospective cohort study, investigators found that twice as many veterans treated with the partial nociceptin opioid receptor agonist experienced improvement in PTSD symptoms, beginning at 8 months and increasing over time. In contrast, those treated with opioids experienced a worsening of symptoms.   SFTT is not a big fan of prescription drugs – be careful!  Read more . . .

Join SFTT in helping get our Veterans the support they deserve.

Archi’s Acres Offers Hope to Veterans

Stand for the Troops (“SFTT”) supports a variety of programs under it’s Rescue Coalition umbrella to help Veterans regain control of their lives.   One such program is Archi’s Acres which provides Veterans the opportunity to learn new skills under the Archi’s Institute For Sustainable Agriculture Training (SAT), in partnership with Cal Poly Pomona.

Archi’s Acres is a farming enterprise that utilizes hydro-organic technology to grow organic produce. Headquartered in Escondido, California, Archi’s Acres is a certified organic greenhouse operation, which grows living basil, kale, and other herbs and produce. Our methods of crop production are not only highly efficient, it maximizes available natural resources, and focuses on local sales distribution channels.

At Archi’s, we believe a key aspect of successful business is how it meets its responsibility to the community in which it operates and the customers which make up its marketplace. We do this by integrating into our business model an opportunity to support others including our military service members and veterans.

Archi’s Acres provides a one of a kind world-class agricultural entrepreneurial incubator program, the , with the intent to expose strong leaders to the entrepreneurial opportunities which exist in the agriculture industry today.

Thanks to combat-decorated Marine Sergeant Colin Archipley and his wife, Karen, a successful fashion industry entrepreneur in her own right, Archi’s Acres provides dedicated Veterans with the skills necessary to run a successful organic farming business  in their community. With meaningful jobs in short supply for Veterans returning from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Archi’s Acres gives Veterans a lifeline to become entrepreneurs in a rapidly growing and eco-friendly business.

Karen and Colin Archipley of Archi's Acres
Karen and Colin Archipley of Archi’s Acres

Archi’s Institute Sustainable Agriculture Training

Archi’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Training offers several courses to address the schedule of their participants.  There is a six-week intensive training course as well as a 12-week  weekend and night course for those currently holding jobs.    Indeed, there are several flexible training programs that can be adapted to the needs of dedicated Veterans interested in a career in organic farming.

Applicants may apply online and benefits are available to qualified Veterans, but Archi’s Acres relies on funding from third-parties to help keep “tuition” costs to a minimum.  For those interested in learning more, contact SFTT by CLICKING HERE so we can get in contact.   Veterans who have put their lives on the line for our country will thank you.

Stand for The Troops thanks the Archipley’s for their unwavering support to our Veterans and helping to make a difference in their lives and the communities they serve.

News Highlights – Week of Feb 29, 2016

Found below are few military news items that raised my eyebrows this past week. I am hopeful that the titles and short commentary will encourage some of our readers will click on the embedded links to read more on subjects that interest them.

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Video above showing President Obama presenting the Medal of Honor to Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers, U.S. Navy. Our congratulations.

VA: Department attorneys, judges sent racist, sexist emails
Two judges and three attorneys for Department of Veterans Affairs who handle appeals of benefits claims were found to have repeatedly sent racist and sexist emails, the department announced Wednesday.  All five worked for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, where veterans can appeal decisions to deny claims for benefits.  Read more . . .

DOD Tricare ‘reforms’ call for higher retiree fees, co-pays
The Tricare reform packet, defense officials maintain, would simplify insurance options, improve access to managed care, and incentivize greater and more efficient use of military medical staffs and treatment facilities. It also would save Tricare about $1 billion annually, starting in 2018, by raising beneficiary fees and co-pays, particularly for retirees, their family members and their survivors.   Read more . . .

US prepares for the next-generation battlefield
Pentagon officials have started talking openly about using the latest tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create robot weapons, “human-machine teams” and enhanced, super-powered soldiers. It may sound like science fiction, but Pentagon officials say they have concluded that such high-tech systems are the best way to combat rapid improvements by the Russian and Chinese militaries.  Read more . . .

New program designed to help veterans transition
Recovery and Reintegration of Veterans program in Ohio. The program will focus on getting veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries help with employment, a place to live and mental and physical health services.  ViaQuest, a healthcare company that provides services for veterans, home health, hospice and mental and behavioral health, among others, has been helping connect veterans with employment, residential and behavioral health services for years.  Read more . . .

Top 5 States with Largest U.S. Veterans Population
California is the home to 2.1 million veterans, followed by Florida – 1.7 million; Texas – 1.7 million; New York – 1.0 million and Pennsylvania – 1 million.  Read more .  . .

What does a Parrot Know About PTSD?
Veterans, of course, share similar psychological scarring, but whenever I asked any of them how it is that the parrots succeed in connecting where human therapists and fellow group-therapy members can’t, the answer seemed to lie precisely in the fact that parrots are alien intelligences: parallel, analogously wounded minds that know and feel pain deeply and yet at a level liberatingly beyond the prescriptive confines of human language and prejudices.  Read more . . .

New York Times Photo

 More PTSD among homeless vets
The good news: Fewer veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless than their counterparts of previous eras — about 1.97 percent in their cadre, compared with 2.63 percent in the older groups, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The bad news: Two-thirds of homeless Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in one major sample had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — a much higher rate than in earlier cohorts of homeless veterans, who have PTSD rates between 8 percent and 13 percent, according to a study in press in the journal Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research.  Read more . . .

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