Military Helmet Sensor Data: What does it show?

Two years ago, sophisticated sensors were implanted in military helmets of some 7,000 troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The purpose of the sensors was to evaluate the extent of concussions and  brain trauma injuries caused by IEDs and other combat related incidents.  According to the military video shown below, data from these sensors was downloaded monthly to a computer terminal  and then forwarded to a “secure” data center in Aberdeen, MD for analysis.


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U.S. Government Loses FOIA Ruling on Body Armor Records

Thanks to superb pro bono legal representation by a team from the NYC office of Kirkland & Ellis, LLC, a federal district judge has issued his ruling on SFTT’s editor’s request under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) for forensic records held by the Department of Defense regarding the performance of government-issued body armor. The ruling was characterized in the following way by a news service covering legal issues:

U.S. Loses FOIA Ruling on Body Armor Records

 (CN) – A ...

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Shared News from SFTT – August 14, 2010

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Military News you may have missed – August 8, 2010

  •  BAE Systems Displays Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) Infantry *…*

    August 7, 2010 – The development and deployment of light and effective body armor is to be applauded. Nevertheless, considering the US Army’s and DoD’s shoddy test procedures and questionable contract awards as documented in GAO studies, we are hopeful that all new military protective gear is properly tested and its suppliers vetted.

  •  A Sergeant’s ...
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Military News Items You May Have Missed – July 31, 2010

  • Google Alerts – body armor – Former *Body*-*Armor* Executive on Trial for Fraud – Blogrunner

    July 27, 2010 – This long trial is finally drawing to a close. It is sad to think that body armor used by the majority of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have been supplied by a company run by Mr. Brooks. Point Blank Armor is now in Chapter 11. Can’t we do better for our troops?

  • Google Alerts – military ...
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How you can support our troops with more than lip service

I have been pondering for some time what more I could do to help promote Soldiers For The Truth’s Basic 5 Campaign. My latest effort has been to inform politicians running for congressional and statewide offices of our cause. Politicians are never more accessible than when running for office, so my plan is to take advantage of that situation and that is what I did!

Last Saturday I attended a private reception in Arkansas for several politicians running for ...

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Point Blank Solutions Bankruptcy Proceedings

Reuters reports that unsecured creditors of Point Blank Solutions Inc. have asked the Delaware bankruptcy court to appoint an examiner or Chapter 11 trustee to displace the company’s board. 

According to the Reuters news release,  “the official committee of unsecured creditors claimed that the company had placed the interests of insiders above maximizing value of the business.  The filing claims that “restructuring alternatives had benefited Steel Partners, which provided Point Blank with a $20 million debtor-in-possession loan.”   According to ...

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Rules of Engagement: Battlefield Dilemma

The Washington recently aired a story on the increased frustration with the “Rules of Engagement” governing military personnel deployed in Afghanistan.  The story, written by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, documents several incidences where US troops under attack were not able call in additional support for fear of wounding or killing civilians.  Said one disgruntled soldier interviewed for the Washington Post article, ‘”this is not how you fight a war, at least not in Kandahar, we’ve been handcuffed by our chain of command.”

According to ...

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