Dr. Yuval Nuria on the Boston Marathon Massacre

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Many Americans are both deeply saddened and outraged over the horrific carnage at the Boston Marathon massacre. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to rush to judgement based on very limited and conflicting information on who the perpetrator(s) is and their motivation. In some respects, this “rush to judgement” is fueled by poorly researched media reporting, but judging from the Tweets received by Josh Zepps of Huffington Post, reactions to tragic events are often shaped by ideology or mental preconceptions that seem to be totally illogical and poorly considered.

Found below is a rather lengthy interview (26 minutes) by Josh Zepps of Huffington Post with four panelists, including SFTT’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Yuval Nuria, discussing how people react to traumatic situations. Dr. Nuria is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University. Dr. Nuria begins speaking at minute 3 in the video:

This tragic terrorist event brings home the incomprehensible grief and trauma faced daily by our brave young men and women in uniform who serve in harm’s way. SFTT is indeed fortunate to have someone as experienced as Dr. Nuria to help develop effective treatment programs that address the needs of our brave warriors who suffer from PTS.

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