A Fitting Tribute by Wes Moore to Honor our Veterans

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When I see a man or woman in uniform, I will often say “Thank you for your service.” While I truly do honor these brave men and women serving in harm’s way, I am never quite sure whether this oft-repeated phrase conveys the full extent of my THANKS!

Furthermore, those in uniform may have heard the expression so often that to them it may seems to carry as much genuine appreciation as “Have a nice day!”

While struggling to come up with a more effective way to say “Thank you” to our brave Veterans, I happened to have come across this wonderful Ted Talk by Wes Moore.

In my mind, it sums up pretty much about how I feel about the brave Veterans who serve our country so valiantly and have come “home” markedly changed by that experience.

This holiday season, SFTT honors your service and extends our best wishes for a joyous Christmas with friends and family. If you do have an opportunity to share bread with a Veteran over the holidays, do probe a little bit deeper than the simple exchange of pleasantries. It just might do you both some good.

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