Archi’s Acres Offers Hope to Veterans

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Stand for the Troops (“SFTT”) supports a variety of programs under it’s Rescue Coalition umbrella to help Veterans regain control of their lives.   One such program is Archi’s Acres which provides Veterans the opportunity to learn new skills under the Archi’s Institute For Sustainable Agriculture Training (SAT), in partnership with Cal Poly Pomona.

Archi’s Acres is a farming enterprise that utilizes hydro-organic technology to grow organic produce. Headquartered in Escondido, California, Archi’s Acres is a certified organic greenhouse operation, which grows living basil, kale, and other herbs and produce. Our methods of crop production are not only highly efficient, it maximizes available natural resources, and focuses on local sales distribution channels.

At Archi’s, we believe a key aspect of successful business is how it meets its responsibility to the community in which it operates and the customers which make up its marketplace. We do this by integrating into our business model an opportunity to support others including our military service members and veterans.

Archi’s Acres provides a one of a kind world-class agricultural entrepreneurial incubator program, the , with the intent to expose strong leaders to the entrepreneurial opportunities which exist in the agriculture industry today.

Thanks to combat-decorated Marine Sergeant Colin Archipley and his wife, Karen, a successful fashion industry entrepreneur in her own right, Archi’s Acres provides dedicated Veterans with the skills necessary to run a successful organic farming business  in their community. With meaningful jobs in short supply for Veterans returning from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Archi’s Acres gives Veterans a lifeline to become entrepreneurs in a rapidly growing and eco-friendly business.

Karen and Colin Archipley of Archi's Acres
Karen and Colin Archipley of Archi’s Acres

Archi’s Institute Sustainable Agriculture Training

Archi’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Training offers several courses to address the schedule of their participants.  There is a six-week intensive training course as well as a 12-week  weekend and night course for those currently holding jobs.    Indeed, there are several flexible training programs that can be adapted to the needs of dedicated Veterans interested in a career in organic farming.

Applicants may apply online and benefits are available to qualified Veterans, but Archi’s Acres relies on funding from third-parties to help keep “tuition” costs to a minimum.  For those interested in learning more, contact SFTT by CLICKING HERE so we can get in contact.   Veterans who have put their lives on the line for our country will thank you.

Stand for The Troops thanks the Archipley’s for their unwavering support to our Veterans and helping to make a difference in their lives and the communities they serve.

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