Are drugs the right solution to treat PTSD?

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It’s hard to know what what works best when dealing with military Vets with symptoms of PTSD or TBI. For certain, we have learned that there is no “silver bullet” solution and that drugs tend to address symptoms rather than provide any “real” long term improvement, let alone cure. In fact, anecdotal evidence and SFTT’s research suggests that most current “treatment” programs often over prescribe drugs and this will often lead to drug dependency with explosive consequences.

Earlier, SFTT reported that OxyContin or “Hillbilly Heroin” was regularly prescribed to Veterans by the VA. The side effects were devastating and some independent researchers have suggested that the prescription of OxyContin actually led to more self-destructive behavior in Vets rather than provide any real cure.

SFTT Medical Advisory Board is examining all recommended PTSD treatment options. Your generous contribution help insure that our brave warriors get proper information on treatment modalities and where possible discover treatment options that may be better suited to their particular circumstances.

The articles below illustrate the ongoing debate about various drug treatment modalities and their repercussions. Please note that the articles below describe the complexity of dealing with PTSD and neither SFTT nor or Medical Advisory Board necessarily recommends any of treatment modalities discussed below:

PSTD vets given drugs against guidelines – Big News

PSTD vets given drugs against guidelines.  The study, published in Psychiatric Services, found in 2009, among all veterans with PTSD who had continuous VA medication use, 65.7 percent were prescribed elective serotonin-norepinephrine …

The Deadly Rise of Prescription Drug Abuse in the Military –

The Deadly Rise of Prescription Drug Abuse in the Military.  Over the past decade, the military has spent $1.6 billion on painkillers (opioids) such as Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. $2.7 billion has been spent on anti-depressants and …

Military turns to meditation for PTSD – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Military turns to meditation for PTSD. PTSD is usually treated with drugs, behavioral therapy and other approaches. But for many, these methods don’t work. Now, researchers are looking at a new method that might limit future c …

A Potential Therapy for PTSD? – TIME

Potential Therapy for PTSD? My research focuses on the harmful effects of a class of drugs called quinolines, most notably the antimalarial drug mefloquine (or Lariam), which has been widely prescribed to deployed troops in Somalia, Iraq, an …

Drug Free PTSD Treatment & Cure for Soldiers & Military

The website is patriot, I have nothing to do with this organization other than I know it has changed lives. It’s very simple and powerful.

Clearly, the symptoms of PTSD can be traumatic for the veteran and loved ones.  Many organizations promise support, but very few deliver a replicable and comprehensive treatment program that allows veterans a better than average chance of reclaiming their lives.  Claims of successe in dealing with this terrible affliction need to be carefully evaluated.


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