Brain Injuries: Back Walking Forward

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There is a growing public awareness that many returning veterans from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) and other brain-related injuries. Some studies suggest that, perhaps as many as 1 in 5 veterans, suffer from PTSD. In fact, 8 servicemembers commit suicide each day as a result of these disorders.

The US Army and other services are aware that servicemembers with and caring inviduals are gathering forces to apply lessons learned in treating civilians with traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) and PTSD and helping our brave heroes reclaim their lives. 

SFTT, under the leadership of Eilhys England, has recently formed a medical task force to help determine “best practices” in helping to deal with this growing crisis.  Over the next several months, SFTT will be sharing the findings of our medical task force and lessons learned from an exciting program called Warrior Salute that we are jointly sponsoring with the CDS Warrior Salute Center in Rochester, New York. We are pleased to report that 7 servicemembers are now enrolled in this program.

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  1. Deborah Friend  September 17, 2011

    My son fell 3yrs. ago and received a TBI. Doctors gave him little chance of surviving. Today he has short term memory and cognitive damage. I clearly remember his doctor explaining the surgery, and all the after care my son was getting that was a direct connection to the medical care learned from the numerous brain injuries from our people at war. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to our military sons and daughters! I don’t know how to thank the military doctors for their care and skill. Hardly a day passes that I don’t remember my sons doctor giving credit to the military. This mother is thankful, and I appreciate military doctors sharing their skills. My heart goes out to every service person withTBI, I wish you knew how much you indirectly helped my son.

    • Roger Charles  October 12, 2011

      Really glad to hear of your family’s positive experience… just wish all the folks we hear from had the same kind of competent, caring medical support. Best wishes to your son for a full recovery.