PTSD and Military Suicides

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Talking about the suicide  of a loved one is not easy.  There is always a sense of guilt that “I could have done more,” but this is generally not the case for military veterans suffering from PTSD or as SFTT prefers to call it:  PTS  (“Post Traumatic Stress”).  Let’s remove the “disorder” stigma for what is now the signature wound of  many warriors who have served our country so valiantly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SFTT will continue to provide a synopsis of the latest news developments on PTS.  Some of these stories are heart-wrenching, but we do need to get these stories out in the open to raise the level of public awareness of this terrible social cancer.  This is not a military problem or the VA’s problem – PTS is our problem and we have an  obligation to help provide our Vets with a glimmer of hope that they can reclaim their lives.  Add your voice to others  at SFTT to bring about the change we need to help deal with PTS as adults.   Donations are accepted to help SFTT’s medical advisory board investigate new treatment methodologies.

PTSD and Suicide

This past weekend I lost a friend to suicide. She was a combat medic with the Army. She was “treated” by the Army for PTSD. Their treatment consisted of restricting her to base, having her check in daily with her supervisor, and meds. Then as

Charts: Suicide, PTSD and the Psychological Toll on America’s Vets

Charts: Suicide, PTSD and the Psychological Toll on America’s Vets Don’t miss Mac McClelland’s feature on the PTSD epidemic among returning vets, and how it’s spreading to their families. Additional reporting by Mac

PTSD Survivor: Suicide

It’s been a while…. It’s also been very rough. My son refusing to speak to me has me in a deep depression. He’s 600 miles away. A week ago, I was up by myself online and happened to look over and see my

Suicidal ideation

Ideation is a medical term for thoughts about or an unusual preoccupation with suicide . … Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) …

Let’s mobilize our resources to help these brave young men and women reclaim their lives.  You can help.

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