PTSD update for Feb 2, 2013

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New material surfaces daily on the internet and in user discussion forums dealing with the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). Regrettably, most of this advice is not supported by good clinical scientific studies or trustworthy explanation. The road to health and wellness is a long process and treatment procedures will be different based on the particular individual, the extent of the stress and his or her current social and financial circumstances.

SFTT or “Stand For The Troops” has put together an eminent circle of physicians, clinical psychologists and therapists to evaluate these promising treatments. While some of these emerging new techniques will appear on a regular basis on SFTT, visitors are firmly counseled to refer to their physician or primary care giver before altering treatment.

Found below are highlights of recurring themes as we mobilize forces to deal with the ravages of PTSD.

Cincinnati State, Cincinnati VA Medical Center to offer PTSD classes

Cincinnati State, in conjunction with the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, will offer two free classes this month on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The classes are geared toward the Emergency Medical Services community and other first responders.

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PTSD taking a toll on returning veterans

He spoke last week, a day before attending Massachusetts funeral services for his friend, who had PTSD and served at Iraq’s Abu Graib prison during one of two deployments. “I don’t think he’d ever say, ‘Hey, I want to kill myself,’ but … certainly …

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  1. Dave Cook  February 3, 2013

    Public Actions are not helping our Vets.

    I will make this observation. Some Americans will cry like a whining infant that they are not well protected and blame government when they feel they are in the slightest state of danger. Those same Americans will jump on a soap box and cry foul as soon as they feel they are not in danger. They will even wish ill on those that brought their deliverance to the point of crying out for their prosecution and incarceration. This pathetic behavior does not help our vets who go from heroes to zeros because of a public that looks only out for their own hides. This is a level of dishonesty that transcends the country at this moment. BUT, there are Americans, thankful, compassionate, and caring that feel we owe thanks, we pray for you and know that there is hope for the hero. Godspeed.