Can Oxygen Help Improve Brain Function for Veterans with PTSD

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SFTT has long promoted the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (“HBOT”) for Veterans with PTSD and TBI. Indeed, SFTT has seen many “transformative” recoveries of seriously affected Veterans who were treated to a series of “dives” in Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers over 30 to 60 days.

And yet, the VA and DOD steadfastly refuse to endorse HBOT to treat Veterans with PTSD or TBI. Why? The official reason is that “that the HBOT treatment is currently ‘off-label.’ In other words, it is an FDA-approved treatment for some conditions—but not for traumatic brain injury (TBI) or PTSD. Because of this, the Department of Defense does not allow HBOT to be prescribed for its veterans—they say they don’t prescribe off-label medications and treatments for these diagnoses, and claim that they can only use HBOT after it has been approved by the FDA for this use.”

Could it be that Big-Pharma’s cozy relationship with the FDA and VA might be threatened by a tested and relatively safe treatment alternative to the very dangerous and negative side effects of antipsychotic medication?” HBOT is commonly used in Israel for treatment of brain-related issues of members of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and many other countries use this safe and economic treatment to help restore brain function.

Indeed, independent studies confirm the benefits of HBOT:

According to Dr. Harch’s new study, even three years after the vets sustained brain injury, one month of HBOT was able to induce improvements in brain blood flow, cognition, symptoms, and quality of life, while the veterans experienced fewer suicidal thoughts.

Specifically, improvements were seen in 92% of vets experiencing short-term memory problems, 87% of those complaining of headaches, 93% of those with cognitive deficits, 75% with sleep disruption, and 93% with depression. There were also improvements in irritability, mood swings, impulsivity, balance, motor function, IQ, and blood flow in the brain, as well as the reduction in PTSD symptoms and suicidal thoughts. And there was a reduction in—or complete elimination of—psychoactive and narcotic prescription medication usage in 64% of those previously prescribed the medication.

In fact, even more recent studies suggest that “oxygen” can regenerate neurons and brain cells.  If so, shouldn’t our leaders within the VA and DoD embrace a fully vetted treatment procedure rather than continue to fund questionable and dangerous antipsychotic medication programs that even the F.D.A. recognizes as being addictive and potentially harmful.

Found below is a vey interesting Ted Talk by Sandrine Thuret which explains how certain activities restore brain cells and ward off brain-related disease:

Isn’t it about time that our military and political leadership rise up to the challenge and put an end to the bureaucratic and ineffectual treatment received by our brave warriors? Shouldn’t common sense prevail over the dangerous path chose by Big Pharma and the F.D.A.  to over-medicate our society with clearly dangerous and addictive drugs.   Many concerned individuals think our Vets deserve a playing field that is tilted in their favor so that they can regain their lives.  I certainly do!

Let’s stand up for our Veterans with more than lip service.

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