Military News Highlights: December 29, 2010

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Insurgents Set Aside Rivalries on Afghan Border

Four primary threat streams emanate from the Pakistan – the Mullar Omar Quetta Shura Taliban, the Haqqani network, the Hekmaktyer organization, and AQ.  For almost a decade these distinct groups have co-existed and operated exclusively with AQ parceling support from each.  It does not bode well when recent intelligence and battlefield evidence indicates that the threat has merged.  Regardless of the reason, be it recent US/NATO pressure creating battlefield syndicates  or ISI manipulations or striking while an “opportunity” exists, just made the situation more complex and dangerous.

I don’t buy that this phenomenon is rudderless without formal command and control – when rivals set aside differences (and gains) made during a 10 year slug fest with US/NATO and operate in a sophisticated manner, it only makes sense that someone is in charge and calling the shots.  As always the enemy always gets a vote.  In order for US/NATO to identify and target the cabal/leadership will require intensified support and commitment from Pakistan, an unlikely scenario.  That is why this new development is so worrisome.

Commander: US can’t seal Afghan-Pakistan border

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the Af-Pak border can’t be sealed.  At least now we have a commander willing to admit it.

US Troops Clash With Taliban in East Afghanistan

Happy talk;  an outpost that comes under attack twice a day five times a week.  Happy talk; more than 700 NATO servicemembers killed in action in 2010.  Happy talk; continued violence and chronic instability.  Happy talk; “but the coalition said it was also making progress, overall.”

The grind continues.

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